Event description

SITTERS-PRESCHOOL Studio workshop:

Monday 18th September in Larne, Northern Ireland

Photographing Toddlers & Young Children can be quite daunting, but if you want to improve your skills then who better than Claire Elliott to guide you on your journey by giving you the confidence, ideas and inspiration for photographing this highly rewarding genre.

You will learn to create, light and shoot your own beautiful memories of this specific age group which can be a very lucrative genre.

As well as photographic skills, during the session you will also hear how to :

  • manage parent expectations
  • design sets
  • choose themes and props
  • manage the transition through the styles, as well as personality management.

Claire has a vast array of knowledge as she has run a successful child and newborn based photography business for many years, and is of course a Panel Member for the Guild of Photographers.


Cost for the workshop is £250 for Guild Members of £275 for Non-Members
A £50 deposit will secure your place!
 Email Claire for more details and Bookingclaire@trainingbyclaire.co.uk