Joan has an artist’s eye and has loved drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. In 2007 she bought her first SLR camera and a copy of Photoshop, then set about learning them both.

Joan quickly became known for blurring the boundaries of where painting and photography meet. Lots of her images have a definite “painterly” feel, and she has gained many awards (including Gold medals and Best of Show) in Exhibitions and Competitions both in the UK and Internationally.

Her workshops sell out quickly and her on-line tutorials are also very popular – Both encouraging people to push their own personal boundaries, just as she has done.



The seminar title refers to when Joan first became the proud owner of a DLSR, joining a Camera Club and getting a terrible “mauling” when her first set of images were critiqued by the visiting club judge…. She came last in that competition (the ‘Bad’ Start she refers to)!

Her ‘bad start’ actually proved to be the catalyst and motivation Joan needed to make her work hard and learn her craft and she is now an international multi award winning photographer and digital artist (the ‘Great’ Finish).

Joan will talk about the need to learn, where she find’s inspiration for her work and the connection to concepts very relevant to all art, including light and shadows, composition and the impact of breaking the rules.

Throughout she will show and discuss her composite work revealing how they were put together to make the finished image.

This fascinating and motivating 1 hour session is included in the Friday Day Pass..

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