This 3-hour session will deliver for you everything you need to know about S K I N (and more besides) in Dave’s words………

“Everything you will EVER need to know about retouching skin on people pictures.

Whether you photograph crinkly newborns, spotty teens or “silver surfers” it really doesn’t matter (they all have one thing in common—— SKIN) !!

Weddings, Portraits to High Fashion …….. You name I will cover it !!

Because “guess what” ——— (they all have one thing in common—— SKIN) !!

From fixing wrinkles, pimples, and blackheads through to “tuning” skin colours ——— yes ——— we will cover it !!!

 Then perceived by many the holy grail ———  Frequency Separation (from Zero to HERO) ——— A “total” breakdown of what Frequency Separation actually is ———— how to set it up (correctly) —— how to use it (correctly) and all the bits in-between !!!!!

……. and just because I am a very, very nice man I will include my own “bespoke” Frequency Separation action —— that is “bullet proof” (I use it EVERY DAY), so you can speed up your retouching and get in the garden with a wine (earlier than normal)   ;)” 

Dave will guide you through his world on editing and retouching, revealing everything you will EVER need to know about retouching skin on images of people (whether newborns or great grandparents). You name it, he will cover it!!

This packed workshop includes –

  • Skin smoothing (using a variety of methods)
  • Beginners Frequency Separation
  • Intermediate Frequency Separation
  • Advanced Frequency Separation
  • Tone down wrinkles
  • Fix blotchy skin
  • Correct Skin colours (skin by numbers)
  • Blitz those blackheads
  • Create the “Perfect Face”
  • Babies, Kids, Teens, Wrinklies ALL covered
  • Portraits, Weddings, Fashion ALL covered

In short, this session will guide you through from prep through to print and everything in between!!!

Please note; if you book this workshop, lunch and FREE entry to the main stage in the Grace Auditorium is INCLUDED for the remainder of the day, you do not need to buy the £75 Day Pass! 

  • Date: 15th November 2017
  • Time: 13:00
  • Event: Coventry 2 Day Event


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