I have had the chance to catch up with Gavin Prest ahead of his workshop ‘Inside the Black & White World of Gavin Prest’  

Thank you, Gavin, for taking the time to chat with me, I wonder if I can ask you a few questions.

What got you into photography?

I was bought a camera for my 21st birthday and joined a local camera club and it started from there.

If you had not been a photographer what would you have done?

I was a Plumbing and heating engineer from leaving school it appears I can only have jobs beginning with P.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

This is a tough one, it would be “be respectful listen and don’t be afraid to be yourself”.

Are you a full-time photographer?


If yes how many years?

5 years.

What is your style?

Simple this, black and white storytelling.

What do you shoot?

Mostly people and a few landscapes.

Why this subject?

I enjoy the connection with people and creating images with them, I also like the peace and quiet of being on my local beach with my camera.

Name 3 words that describe your style?

Black and White (lol) or Intrigue, Erotic, Narrative.

Have you photographed anyone famous? If so can you tell me who?

Prince Charles.

Worst photographic experience?

Going to college to learn photography as it totally killed my enthusiasm for the medium.

Best photographic experience?

This is also a difficult one as there has been so many. I will say discovering who I am as a photographer.

My photographic career has been a carpet laid out in front of me and I have just been walking along it not knowing what is coming around the corner and I’m enjoying the walk.

Canon or Nikon? 



I don’t get into the argument, to be honest as its irrelevant in my opinion as a camera has never taken a good photograph on its own. Canon because it’s what I have.

What has been your greatest photographic achievement?

Again a difficult one, I will say getting my Master Craftsman qualification within 28 days of having my Q panel judged.

Advice for someone starting out?

Learn the basics first, listen to others, be inspired, don’t be a clone.

Top 3 tips you would give someone starting out?

Learn to see light, don’t get hung up on gear, don’t over complicate your photography.

If you had to move to a desert island what 5 items would you take with you?

1 My best friend and partner Michele

2 A mechanical Camera

3 Box of Film

4 Gin and Tonic

5 Sun Cream

For more information on Gavin you can visit his website here>>

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