‘Digital Imaging – The Guy Gowan way’

If you are serious about your post-production and workflow methodology, and open to something new, do not miss this rare ‘in public’ workshop with Guy Gowan. It will be an unforgettable eye opener and you will leave with a new perspective on these things!

Guy’s unique methodology and non-destructive post-production techniques have influenced thousands in the creative community worldwide and he is regarded by so many as an unmatched digital imaging guru who is not afraid of saying what he believes!

RAW file format is the common format for imaging today which makes RAW converters very important. Guy sees all RAW converters as two dimensional, ie easy to use with no training required, but in his opinion quality has been sacrificed in return for that ease of use – something that does not sit well with him as “The highest quality in the shortest amount of time” sits at the foundation of what Guy teaches.

In this session, he will show why Photoshop is still his choice for any meaningful image manipulation. He sees Photoshop as three dimensional rather than two, as it has an extra dimension, which when used efficiently, raises image quality to a higher level than a Raw Converter.

Please note; if you book this workshop, lunch and FREE entry to the main stage in the Grace Auditorium is INCLUDED for the remainder of the day, you do not need to buy the £75 Day Pass! 


  • Date: 15th November 2018
  • Time: 13:00
  • Event: Coventry 2 Day Event

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