Saraya Cortaville (Main Stage & Workshop)

Saraya is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer. In April 2007 she became the first-ever female photographer to obtain a studio portraiture Fellowship from the BIPP in its 105 year history.

She is currently one of only two women in the UK to have achieved 2 Fellowships – the more recent one being for a social documentary based on a project she completed in 2015 whilst living in Africa.

That work led to her being awarded the Peter Grugeon award for the best fellowship portfolio of 2015, as well as a gold award in Visual Arts in the professional photography awards 2016.

Known for being the author of the book Portrait Photography Art and Techniques, she is also a Master Craftsman and Judge with the Guild of Photographers, as well as being highly regarded as both an educator and mentor, delivering training in a fun yet informative way across the UK and overseas.


NOV 15TH - 0930 - ‘The value of personal projects’ (a Social documentary and Travel Photography experience) - Saraya Cortaville

Saraya Cortaville runs a successful business specialising in beautiful images of children and families as well as documentary weddings. She is also one of only two women in the UK to have achieved 2 Fellowships, the first being for her business-related studio portraiture work.

Saraya believes it’s important to have personal projects that aren’t work related to push our personal boundaries and keep us passionate about photography so she undertook a personal project based around social documentary photography in Africa. This work led to her second Fellowship and the Peter Grugeon award for the best fellowship portfolio of the year and more.

This personal project and her passion for travel and social documentary photography has since had a profound impact on her career direction and in this session, she will discuss all the above as well as sharing her work and motivating you to undertake your own project…

NOV 15TH - 13:00 - ‘Children at their best’ - Saraya Cortaville

This workshop is ideal if you want to learn or develop the skills to take beautiful and natural images of children, using, styling, light, composition and expression to push your portraiture to a different level.

Saraya will show and discuss some her most recent projects, as well as an-depth explanation of how she approaches on location portraiture, with particular attention paid to location spotting and looking for the light as well an explanation of what are the preferred lenses and camera settings to use, in a variety of different scenarios. In short she will be explaining what to look for, and how to see the perfect image.

You will also discover how Saraya skillfully manages to draw out her subjects emotions and feelings, in a sensitive and empathetic nature, her portraits are an observation and moment of connection, between two people, rather than photographer, subject.

Please note; if you book this workshop, lunch and FREE entry to the main stage in the Grace Auditorium is INCLUDED for the remainder of the day, you do not need to buy the £75 Day Pass! 

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